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Upcoming Events

Native Garden Sale,  Saturday June 2,   from 9am-1pm Opportunity to purchase native plants. Will also have annuals and herbs for sale, and Honey Creek selling their delicious local honey. Master Gardeners and a Certified Naturalist will be on hand to answer questions. … Continue reading

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Flowers for Pollinators

Check out this “Yard and Garden” link at the University of Minnesota Extension: Flowers for Pollinators — This site contains many links to information regrading Growing landscapes for bees and other pollinators. Pollinators help plants grow fruit or seeds that … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events in Andover

POLLINATOR FRIENDLY GARDEN/LANDSCAPE CONTEST: Enter by July 10th to see if you have the garden/landscape that pollinators love most! For more information about the contest, please select: 17gardenContest GARDEN TOUR: 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 22nd (GardenTour_2017 map): Take … Continue reading

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Five videos from the Pollinator Friendly Alliance

Videos posted by Pollinator Friendly Alliance and Pollinate MN, with the generous support of the Food Building, The Lone Grazer Creamery, and Red Table Meat Company. Videos are from the People For Pollinators symposium held in West St. Paul on … Continue reading

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Building an Insect Hotel

by Robin Horton, originally published by Yardfarmers blog  | Mar 1, 2016 Editor’s Note – Attract beneficial insects to your yardfarm by building them insect hotels. This article + infographic were originally posted on and written by Robin Horton. … Continue reading

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What is a pollinator?

by Bob Vaughn, UMN Extension – Master Gardener in Anoka County A pollinator is an animal or insect that transfers pollen grains from flower to flower.There are over 200,000 different pollinators. The list includes birds and bats but is mostly insects. … Continue reading

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Attracting Bees

by Nancy Helms, UMN Extension – Master Gardener in Anoka County Great flowers start with pollination, and for that you need bees. While many things have contributed to the declining bee population, we can do our part and help bring back the bees. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Pollinator Friendly Suggestions

Top 10 Pollinator Friendly Suggestions by Kim Billings Plant a variety of flowers of different colors and shapes that bloom at different times to provides continuous pollen and nectar sources with a special focus on early spring and late fall … Continue reading

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