The City of Andover has established this group with an overall goal of working to protect pollinators. The recent decline in pollinators due to factors including habitat loss, disease, parasites and pesticides has spurred the creation of this group. Some objectives the group has or hopes to meet include but is not limited to the following:

    • Educate residents on steps they can take to become pollinator friendly (click HERE to read U of M Master Gardener Kim Billings’ “10 things you can do”);
    • Became a “Bee-safe” community;
      • The Mayor signed an official proclamation. Click HERE to see it!
    • Develop a demonstration garden for residents to view that contains a wide array of pollinator-friendly, native plants;
    • Host a Garden tour featuring landscapes that are pollinator-friendly;
    • Work with local beekeepers to install beehives to promote pollinators.
    • GARDEN TOUR  During the summer, between about 9 am and 3 pm, residents may have the opportunity to visit properties in the City that have pollinator-friendly landscapes. Folks will be on hand at each address to answer any questions regarding landscaping for pollinators. The tour will allow residents to learn how, why and what types of landscapes and plants benefit our pollinators and other wildlife, are aesthetically appealing and help to improve storm-water quality. It’s anticipated that the City will host one of these in the future.
    • FUTURE INITIATIVES The following are some upcoming events/activities the group plans on working on:
  • Pollinator Party: as a part of Pollinator Month, the City is planning a “Party” on in July; there will be Master Gardeners, speakers and vendors on site.
  • Planting Projects: the City will continue to create and enhance landscapes to make them “pollinator friendly.” One area is due west of City Hall near Crosstown Blvd. The City received a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and will be eradicating invasives and planting native flowers and shrubs back in.

For updated information and activity details, please select calendar in the APAP menu.

About Pollinator Awareness Project

The Andover Pollinator Awareness Project was created to protect pollinators through education, habitat creation and reducing harmful pesticides.
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